How do I generate a token?

To authorize fediview to look at your timeline and build the digest it requires an Application Token. You can remove this token at any time.

To generate a token:

  1. Login to your Mastodon instance
  2. Click on the Edit profile link
  3. Click on Development in the sidebar navigation
  4. Click the New application button in the top-right
  5. Type in a memorable name for the token, e.g. fediview
  6. Optional: type in the website https://fediview.com
  7. Unselect write and follow checkboxes
  8. Click the SUBMIT button
  9. Click the fediview link under the Application header
  10. Copy the giant alphanumeric string next to Your access token

I thought algorithms were bad?

First off, that's more of a statement than an actual question, but... I'll allow it!

As a somewhat newer user of Mastodon myself, I understand the worry about the algorithms used to juice engagement on other social networks. However, providing access to a user-controlled summary of popular toots is not inherently evil. Personally, my main issue with algorithmic timelines is the corporate incentives around driving engagement to increase ad spend and the unhealthy results for society as a whole. The algorithms are a black-box and are forced on users without the ability to control or tweak them.

On the other hand, this website doesn't track what posts you click on, it doesn't tailor the results by "people like you", and it doesn't try to predict what you might click on in the future. It doesn't use ML or AI in any sense.

fediview is completely separate from Mastodon and not forced on anyone. It also respects other users' privacy who do not want to be included in the results via the #nobot hashtag.

This website is MIT-licensed and the original algorithm is BSD licensed to see the original algorithm for popular posts and boosts.

What are the available algorithms?

Where can I ask for a feature, report a bug, or send accolades?

Feel free to DM me @adamghill or start a GitHub discussion.

What data do you store?

Logged-in users

Remove access

How can people opt out of being included in these summaries?

fediview tries to follow Mastodon etiquette and respects accounts who want to opt out by filtering out users who have put #nobot or #nobots in their profile.

Why can I trust you?

The code for this website is open-source and you can inspect it to make sure I am not doing anything shady. I include the currently deployed version of the site in the footer.

You can also run this website for your personal use or use the original offline-only script.

I really love this tool, how can I help?

Thanks! I've been using it for a little while and really like it, so I hope it's useful for others. The best thing you can do is spread the word -- tell your friends who are on the fediverse, toot about it, make a vision board, etc.

Some other things that would be helpful:

But, mostly work on that vision board. Thanks.